Product Description
Product Name: FLOWMETER
Category: Halal Packaging, Tool & Machinery - Machinery
Brief Description:

Quantometers are highly reliable gas meters which can be used throug-hout the entire field of ow metering and which fulfil all of the varying requirements of industrial metering. The quantometers work on the principle of the rotating turbine wheel. The rotation of the turbine wheel is proportional to the volume of the owing gas and this volume (Vb/ m3 ) is registered by either a mechanical or an electronic index.

Self-lubricating bearings ensure that the quantometers operate completely without any maintenance.

On account of the proven metering principle and the quality of the materials in use, the quantometers meet the highest standards. By using the quantometers in production and heating processes, it is possible to control the ow of gas precisely and therefore optimise the use of energy.

Detail Description:

Main features
• Turbine gas meter.
• Flow ranges 1.6 - 1600 m³/ h.
• Nominal width DN 25 - DN 150.
• Aluminium housing.
• Gas temperature -10° C up to +60° C.
• Ambient temperature 0 °C up to +50 °C.
• Maintenance-free.
• 7 - digit mechanical index.
• Metering accuracy in wide ranges independent of physical characteristics of the gas such as density, temperature and pressure.

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