Modutrol Motors
Product Description
Product Name: Modutrol Motors
Category: Halal Packaging, Tool & Machinery - Machinery
Brief Description:

The Modutrol Motors are proportional motors used to operate dampers and valves when used with a modulating 4-20mA current source. They provide proportioning control of zone dampers and valves.

An oil-immersed motor and gear train provide reliable performance and long life.

Detail Description:


Output torque 16.9N-m.
Max. permissible load weight 890N.
Feedback potentiometer nominal value 115Ω.
Material and finish Magnesium die-cast priming surface (housing and cover).
Aluminum die-cast priming surface (motor mount).
Power supply 24Vac, 50/ 60Hz.
Power consumption 23W or less.
Ambient temperature -10 to +50° C.
Ambient humidity 90% RH max. 40°C (no condensation allowed).
Weight Approx. 3.5kg.
Conforming standards UL: File No. E4436 Guide No. XAPX.
CSA: General listing file No. LR95329-1, Volume 10, Section 37, Class 4813-02.


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