Solenoid Valves
Product Description
Product Name: Solenoid Valves
Category: Halal Packaging, Tool & Machinery - Machinery
Brief Description:

This series of solenoid valves are of normally closed type, suitable for civil and industrial applications, supplied with alternate or direct current and inclusive of inside rectification circuit which permitted to make actions as silent as possible; a wire-net filter on the inlet avoids the entrance of dirt of  > 1mm.

There is the possibility to have a fast opening or a slow opening valve (obtained by special hydraulic shockabsorber), with flow adjustment and fast opening initial flow adjustment.

All versions can be connected with suitable fixing brackets, provided with by-pass solenoid valves and pressure plugs upstream and downstream.

Gas valves of this series, conforming to EN161, have a CE type Certificate (CE Reg. N° 63AQ0626) in accordance to European Directives 90/ 396 and 93/ 68.

Detail Description:


Class: A.
Group: 2.
Supply voltage (1): 230Vac/ 50-60Hz.
  110Vac/ 50-60Hz.
Operation temperature: -10° C / +60° C.
Closing time: 1s.
Opening time: 1s (quick opening versions only).
Protection degree: GMO IP54.
  GFD IP40.
Mounting: Vertical and horizontal.
Body: Die-cast aluminium.

(1) Versions with different suplly voltages are available.

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