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Brief Description:

This range of electronic gas burner control systems has been designed specifically for atmospheric and fan assisted burners for intermittent operation (systems for nonpermanent operation).

All these controls are provided with non-volatile lock-out, which means that a restart from the safety shut-down condition can only be accomplished by a manual reset of the system.

The automatic burner control units of this series are suitable for:

• combi boilers.
• heating boilers.
• warm air generators.
• radiant heaters.
• water heaters.

Due to the design and the variety of models they can be used also for the automation of ovens, cookers and in general in gas firing installations with atmospheric burner.

Detail Description:


• EC - Type certification (CE Reg. N° 63AQ0625) in accordance with Gas Appliance Directives 90/ 396 and 93/ 68;

• In accordance with EN298 (European standard for automatic gas burner control systems);

• Flame monitoring by the rectification property of the flame: ionization;

• Two independent safety contacts in series on the gas valve output;

• Electrical service life at max. loading >250.000 operations;

• Inbuilt or remote reset facility;

• Inbuilt ignition device completely of solid state design and high efficiency;

• Auxiliary contact for low power ignition or main gas valve control for intermittent pilot systems (this contact is not isolated from the main supply voltage by reinforced isolation, therefore the relay contact is not suitable to supply SELV circuits - Safety Extra Low Voltage, e.g. 24V);

• Different connections and fixings.

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