Product Description
Product Name: OXY-THERM® LE
Category: Halal Packaging, Tool & Machinery - Machinery
Brief Description:

Oil-Fired oil-air burner

Detail Description:

• Lowest NOx levels of any oxygen/ fuel burner.
• Burns any gaseous fuel.
•  Fuel oil capability ranges from light to heavy fuel oils.
•  Quickly convert between gas and oil service oils.
• Increased flame volume and luminosity.
• Patented design eliminates flame lofting.
•  Easily change burner capacity.
•  Provides application flexibility.
•  OXY-THERM® LE Burner available in three sizes.
• OXY-THERM® LE EX (Extended Block) Burner available in two sizes.
• Designed for easy installation and service.
• Sustantially reduce the size of exhaust gas handling equipment.
• Dramatically increase available heat by producing higher flame temperatures.

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