Product Description
Product Name: KINEMAX®
Category: Halal Packaging, Tool & Machinery - Machinery
Brief Description:

Natural gas high temp burner.

Detail Description:

• Exit velocities up to 275 ft/ s (190 miles/ h) to promote workload heat penetration and better furnace temperature uniformity.
• Operate on-ratio, with excess fuel or with excess air to meet the specific demands of your combustion process needs.
•  Burns most clean, low pressure gaseous fuels or light oil.
• Turndown capability up to 48:1.
• Maximum application flexibility with 7 different sizes and maximum capacities ranging from 0.38 MBtu/ h up to 8.4 MBtu/ h.
• Lower fuel consumption using preheated combustion air (up to 800° F).
• Refractory block for chamber temperatures up to 3000° F.
• Removable backplate, providing access for easy inspection and/ or maintenance.
• Can be used with oxygen enriched combustion air.

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