MILLE PBY (kW 2550 ÷ 13000)
Product Description
Product Name: MILLE PBY (kW 2550 ÷ 13000)
Category: Halal Packaging, Tool & Machinery - Machinery
Brief Description:

PBY1025 PBY1030 PBY1040

Detail Description:

To pneumatic pulverization.
Like the corresponding series NOVANTA-CINQUECENTO these burners heavy oil up to 4000 cSt a 50°C (530°E a 50°C) and emulsified oils), have been studied to use compressed air or alternatively steam, to atomize heavy oil.

In this way we have achieved higher efficiency compared to mechanical atomization.

These burners are equipped with a low pressure nozzle which permits to save fuel and, above all, to preserve the whole system from wear.

All burners are progressive type, complete with electrical panel and oil pump motor with self cleaning nozzle system to be separately installed by
the final user.

When compressed air is not available on site, the burner can use steam to atomize oil fuel thanks to a special kit.

A supplying system of compressed air and steam between 8 and 12 bar must be present on site.

All burners are ignited by means of a pilot flame burning LPG or Natural gas.

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